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Blonyx supplements are based on HMB, one of the most researched supplement ingredients that have been shown to increase both strength and endurance performance in athletes

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8 Ways to Get Yourself De-Friended (Or at the very least—mocked)

July 02, 2015

A recent study released this spring conducted by psychologists at at Brunel University in London, England should serve as a warning to CrossFit athletes to... Read More

Happy Canada Day! 50 Facts

July 01, 2015

 When I started working for Blonyx last year, all I knew was that Canadians talked a little differently (most notably "surry" instead of "sorry") and... Read More

Fatigue Fighting Supplements

June 30, 2015

Whether it's lack of sleep, long workouts, or stress, we all start to drag every now and then. Nothing promotes recovery and health like a... Read More

A Rivalry Between Friends Helps Joe Scali Qualify to the CrossFit Games

June 25, 2015

One week after Joe Scali snagged one of the five qualifying spots to the CrossFit Games, he admitted it could just as easily have been... Read More